Don’t Let Mold Push You Around – Fight Back

Have you ever seen those annoying little black spots appear on a wall or ceiling?  Is your grout getting dingy with green or black mildew?

You don’t have to put up with it.  You don’t have to live with mold, and quite frankly, you shouldn’t – it’s dangerous.

The problem with mold, especially black mold is that it’s sometimes like an iceberg.  The part you see is only a small sample of what’s really there.  So the best thing to do when you see any signs of mold is to have a more thorough inspection done to make certain it’s not the vanguard of an unhealthy invasion.

Molds, mildews, algae and fungi can bring with them health hazards to a home or business.  When certain varieties of mold, for example, get into your air ducts, the mold spores are spread throughout the interior of your home or business and are breathed in.  This can cause respiratory inflammations, infections and in some cases, serious illness.

One good thing about these little colonies of freeloaders is that they’re easily dealt with when done so correctly.  The proper procedure is to not just inspect the infected areas and any surrounding areas, but to try and determine the initial cause of the mold.  When that’s done, a truly effective mold remediation can be performed.

So if you see any little black spots appearing, do not wait, it’s time to call usAdvanced Restoration will completely rid your home or business of mold and keep it healthy and clean for you.

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