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AR of Lighthouse Point, FL is a full-service water damage treatment and mold remediation business helping Dade, Broward and the Palm Beaches. We are a licensed and insured Licensed Leak Detector renovation business in Lighthouse Point, FL with years of experience in distinguishing and fixing water leaks, repairing water damage and we also focus on complete black mold removal. Our Licensed Leak Detector experts know what to look for and know how to solve Licensed Leak Detector Lighthouse Point issues that are hidden from plain view. We focus on: Licensed Leak Detector services, Leak Detection, Mold inspections and Mold Remediation’s, Green and Black Mold Removal, we can help you handle your Insurance Claims for Water and Mold issues, Comprehensive Cleanup and Remediation, and Servicing.

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If your home has suffered Licensed Leak Detector Lighthouse Point or mold infestation around Lighthouse Point, FL and a big renovation is wanted, there is way more that can be done. Even though having to fix water damage is never wanted, it can have a positive side. Nevertheless, if you’re already restoring cabinets, flooring, appliances, walls or ceilings, why not go a step ahead and get that dream space you’ve always wanted?

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