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Don’t wait until the water wins the war. If you even suspect that you have an internal Shower Repair problem in your house or apartment or business, give Advanced Restoration in West Palm Beach, FL a call today. We’ll come out and do an in-depth Shower Repair inspection using proven procedures to detect water, mold and any other hazards. We will provide you with a complete report on the Shower Repair trouble, proposed solution, health and condition of your property and offer you a cost-effective solution to totally solve the dilemma.

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No matter how significant or minor your renovation or Shower Repair project in West Palm Beach, FL is, or how significant or little your Shower Repair or Shower Repair issues, AR has the knowledge, skill and tailored system that is best for your project. We can create a completely customized new space that won’t max out your pocket. AR can work with your insurance company in West Palm Beach, FL to help get you the help you need to not only restore a damaged house but recreate it in your own image.

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