The Hidden Truth: Most Home Construction Issues Can Be Paid For By Your Insurance!

Many customers don’t understand that some construction issues can actually be paid for by their insurance company.

“You’ve Paid Your Insurance, Let It Cover Your Loss!” says Rick Argov, Owner of Advanced Restoration. “Most people don’t know their insurance will help with problems such as water damage, drain problems, shower pan, valve, clogged AC line, mold, etc. People see a little mold in their bathroom, they think it isn’t such a big deal. But a small leak can be a big problem. They don’t see the water behind the walls. A plumber may have to break the walls to see it. We come out and can measure for humidity and test for mold. We take care of the problem, find the leak, dry it out and rebuild. We send the bill straight to the insurance company.”

He emphasizes the importance of getting a mold problem assessed and fixed as soon as possible, saying that if it is left unchecked, the insurance company might be less apt to pay for it; but if a customer takes care of it in the beginning, the insurance knows it will only get worse and may be more apt to pay a little now, rather than a lot later.

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