Water Damage Can Be Treated

Sooner or later, most home owners or business owners will experience some kind of water damage. When this occurs, the solution should be immediate. Water damage left unchecked can not only cause a great deal of property damage, it can pose health risks when left unrepaired as well.

Advanced Restoration is IICRC certified in water damage restoration and applied microbial remediation and both a state licensed mold remediator and certified building contractor. We will help detect water leaks and infiltrations early on, stop the water from continuing to cause issues and repair what has been done. Additionally, we also specialize in the detection, removal and remediation of mold. We will work with you and your insurance company to provide the best solution at the most affordable price possible.

Water damage is especially difficult because the causes are not always evident. The causes of water damage include:

A Broken Dishwasher Hose Washing machine overflow Defective Shower Pan
Broken Pipes/Leaky Plumbing An overflowing toilet A roof that’s leaking
Cracks in your foundation Moisture behind walls Clogged AC Drain Line
Clogged Shower Drain Leaking Windows Cracked Stucco

3 Categories of Water Damage to Look Out For

Category 1

This refers to a source of water that is generally clean. This class of water does not pose a serious hazard to humans initially. Examples of this type of water would be caused by sink or tub overflows, water supply leaks or appliance malfunctions that involve the water supply.


Category 2

This category is often referred to as “gray water.” Cat 2 water contains a significant amount of chemical, biological or physical contaminants. Gray water can cause discomfort or even sickness if consumed or in some cases even with simple exposure. This type of water carries micro-organisms or nutrients of micro-organisms. Examples of what causes gray water include: toilets with urine but no feces, pump malfunctions, hydrostatic seepage or water discharge from a dishwasher or washing machine.


Category 3

Also known as “black water,” cat 3 water is considered extremely unsanitary. Black water can contain bacteria, fungi, algae and toxic chemicals that can cause severe discomfort and sickness. Black water is contaminated water that effects the indoor environment. Examples include: seawater, river overflows, sewage, ground surface water or standing water and toilet overflows from behind the trap are considered as category 3 regardless of the visible contents. It should also be noted that if category 2 water is not removed immediately from a structure, then it can be re-classified as black water.