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When water damage strikes, mold growth is possible, and you need to hire a mold remediation Miami FL company. Getting rid of mold is difficult, and a professional mold removal company needs to do it.

Mold presence can start small but grow exponentially, expanding through your home like wildfire. It can only take 24-48 hours. After that, your safe home will turn to mold infestation.

Mold Remediation Miami, FL

With the assistance of a professional team, you can avoid irritants and allergies that mold frequently develops if it is thoroughly removed.

Our experience and expert technicians are always ready for removal and treatment at any time of the day your mold problem occurs.


Mold Removal Experts in Miami, Florida

Advanced Restoration & Company offers the most comprehensive and effective mold remediation services and processes in Miami and its nearby cities.

Our team of mold specialists is licensed and IICRC certified. So, you are in good hands. We are available 24/7 – so you can contact us for emergency services. You can expect an immediate response from our mold specialist.

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As one of the area’s leading and best mold remediation companies, we ensure that our Miami mold specialist can completely remove mold spores to prevent them from returning.

We have a mold inspection down to mold testing and mold damage removal. Our mold removal team can remove mold safely for our residential and commercial clients.

Contact us at (954)-870-4237 for more details about our mold services and to prevent mold from growing in your home or business.

Home and Business – Common Mold Issues

Mold is attracted to water or moisture areas because it is a fungus. Mold grows rapidly right before your eyes. It is crucial to understand the kind you’re dealing with when experiencing mold growth in your business or home.

To do so, you need to determine where mold infestation originates. Is it coming from a flood? Faulty faucets? Burst pipes or water damage?

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Mold can affect your home’s air quality and lead to aggravated allergies or health issues when left untreated. If you find mold damage and infestation, don’t try to treat it yourself.

It may lead to more harm than good. However, create as much ventilation in the area as possible until an expert mold remediation company arrives to take it from there.

How Advanced Restoration & Company Mold Remediation Process Works For Your Mold Problem

The following effective and comprehensive techniques are the process that our professional mold removal team can use. Of course, we know that residential and commercial clients are different when it comes to mold removal jobs. So, we use varied approaches depending on your needs.

Mold Inspection 

We will start with mold inspection of your property. First, we will check ceilings, walls around the air ducts, underneath cabinets, the attic, and walls. It is to see water and moisture intrusion and possible water leakage.

Mold remediation doesn’t make sense if you have persisting and stubborn leak.

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Stop Water Leakage

It is critical that we address any underlying conditions that contributed to the existence of mold in certain places. You don’t want mold to grow back once it’s been removed.

Seal Off the Area

Mold is toxic and can lead to serious health risks and problems. Before we begin work, we will seal the area to ensure that any mold.

Before we begin work, we will seal the area to guarantee that any mold driven up into the air does not enter your air ducts.

Dry and Clean the Area

Our professional mold removal experts use HEPA air scrubbers, vacuums, and blowers. It is to dry and clean the area’s surfaces and air.

Because mold spores enter the air, cleaning the air is an essential element of mold remediation.

Unsalvageable Materials Must Be Removed

Sadly, depending on the intensity of the mold infestation, some things may be unsalvageable. Drywall and wood may be too heavily damaged for restoration. We can replace mold-damaged building materials as contractors.

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Mold and Mold Stains Removal

As the best Miami mold specialists, we don’t use bleach for many reasons. Our mold damage expert team uses an antimicrobial chemical to remove any mold residue and disinfect the area.

Usage of Sealant to Protect the Area

Aside from removing mold, our trained technicians will seal the area with a mold-resistant sealant. It is to prevent any additional issues (like structural damage)

Mold Inspection

After we have finished treating the afflicted areas, you should hire an independent mold inspection company to evaluate our work. We can return any time if further mold is found, new stains appear, or a moldy odor is noticed.

The Aftermath of Neglecting Mold Removal

There is a high chance of serious health problems and issues when mold is not removed immediately. Neglecting mold and its signs may lead to structural damage and can put your family in danger.

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Here are some of the common health issues you may encounter:

  • Dizziness
  • Respiratory problems
  • Allergic reactions
  • Asthma

Exposure to moldy environments may lead to various health problems or none at all. Some are sensitive to molds. So, better to conduct mold testing and inspection as early as the signs appear.

Local Business: Why Choose Advanced Restoration & Company?

You should choose Advanced Restoration & Company when treating your home for mold. Here’s the reason our services can’t be beaten:

  • 24/7 availability for emergency services
  • Local Expertise
  • Cutting-edge techniques, equipment, and training
  • Friendly
  • Certified professionals
  • Great customer service
  • Award-winning service
  • Affordable Solutions
  • Personalized Approach
  • Can work with your insurance company

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Mold growing from any part of your home or business must be eliminated immediately to prevent further issues.

We are the leading water damage restoration and mold remediation company in Miami. Contact us at (954)-870-4237 for any queries.

Professional & Personalize Mold Removal

For mold damage, residential and commercial clients can call Advanced Restoration & Company. We will treat and rebuild structures where the fungus has taken root, such as drywall.

You will receive attentiveness, competence, and high professionalism when you work with our team for mold removal, remediation, and repair.

Call us at (954)-870-4237 for your free mold remediation consultation. Work with the expert mold remediation Miami FL, company.



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