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Mold remediation Pompano Beach FL must be called immediately if you suspect any mold infestation in your area.

Within just 48–72 hours, this dangerous fungus can infect the entire house. Homes and businesses in Pompano Beach, Florida, are particularly vulnerable.

Mold Remediation Pompano Beach FL

Advanced Restoration & Company is your partner when water damage occurs. We have all the necessary equipment and tools for mold removal and mold damage restoration. From mold inspection to mold testing and remediation processes, our team is the leading expert on mold removal.

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Trusted Mold Mitigation Company For Pompano Beach, FL

Advanced Restoration & Company uses proven mold remediation techniques. This is to quickly and effectively remove all traces of mold from your home. Our experienced technicians can identify the types of mold present in your home.

Aside from identifying what types of mold are growing in your home, we can also know the source and provide a detailed treatment plan to ensure complete removal.

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Safety is our top priority. We use specialized protective equipment such as:

  • Respirators
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Full-body suits

It ensures that no one in your home or office gets exposed to airborne mold or toxins.

We also use advanced HEPA filtration systems that capture and remove all airborne mold spores, to ensure a clean, healthy environment that is safe for your family.

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We also provide after-care advice and maintenance tips to keep your home safe from future mold growth.

If you’re looking for expert mold remediation services in Pompano Beach, FL, contact us today at 954-870-4237! Our experienced team is ready to restore your home to a healthy and safe condition.

Professional Mold Remediation Company in Pompano Beach, Florida

Our professional mold removal experts provide residential and commercial services to help protect your property from the health hazards of mold infestations.

We can eliminate your mold problem. As one of the leading mold remediation companies in the area, we ensure we tend to mold damage and ensure full restoration of your home or business.

Our team of experienced and certified technicians uses advanced technology and effective solutions to remove all traces of mold from your premises.

Our main services are:

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Complete Mold Remediation

Our experts assess your premises to determine the extent of mold contamination and develop an effective plan of action to remove it safely.

We use advanced techniques like thermal fogging, HEPA vacuuming, containment barriers, and surface disinfection to eliminate all mold spores.

Water Damage Cleanup

If your property has suffered from water damage, we can help you restore it to its pre-loss condition.

Our technicians provide efficient and thorough services to prevent further damage from occurring. We also use the best dehumidifiers and air blowers to completely dry out the affected area.

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Advanced Restoration & Company takes pride in providing professional mold remediation services to Pompano Beach, FL.

We remove mold issues from your home or commercial property to make it mold-free and safe.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help protect your property from the health hazards of mold infestations.

Our Mold Removal & Remediation Process

A couple of days after water damage, mold starts to develop. Flooding, powerful thunderstorms, or high humidity levels can contribute to this.

Call Advanced Restoration & Company ASAP in case your property encounters water damage. The longer you put off fixing the problem, the more expensive it will be.

Here’s what to expect for our mold and remediation process:

Damage Assessment and Inspection

After the consultation call, we’ll send our experienced team to inspect and assess your property for mold damage. They will look for any obvious mold symptoms in your house or place of work.

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Some molds are not visible. That’s why we have the most advanced equipment to detect hidden spores and remove all the mold in your vicinity.

Mold Removal

We’ll use containment procedures to stop mold growth and the spread of mold spores on your property. To prevent spore spread, our crew will secure the infected area.

We will extract microscopic mold spores from the air using specialized filtering equipment that is highly skilled and effective.

We will aid in stopping the growth and spread of this hazardous fungus using our HEPA vacuums. After that, we apply antifungal therapies to remove spores. Additionally, antimicrobial treatments help prevent mold spores from forming new colonies.

Our professionals will likely need to remove and discard damaged goods infected with this fungus. However, we won’t proceed to this stage if it is unnecessary.

Clean Affected Area & Sanitation

Once we remove all the signs of mold, we will begin the cleaning process for the affected areas. This is a vital part of our remediation process.

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It can include any items like:

  • Carpet and rugs
  • Furnishings
  • Curtains
  • Appliances and electronics
  • Paper goods like books, magazines, and newspapers

Once the area is contained, we will use specialized equipment. This helps to remove and sanitize the affected area of all mold spores and hazardous material.

Restoration & Air Quality

The extent of the mold development on your house and the kinds of surfaces it is growing on will determine how long the restoration process will take.

We might remove drywalls and walls depending on the severity of the damage caused. Minor repairs like replacing drywall, adding new carpet, or painting are part of the restoration process.

Our technicians will perform a full air quality test to ensure the mold problem has been effectively addressed.

Why Choose Advanced Restoration & Company for All Your Mold Remediation Needs?

Advanced Restoration & Company is the leading provider of mold remediation services in Pompano Beach, FL.

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  • Our team is highly trained and certified to safely identify, remove, and clean up mold infestations with minimal disruption to your home or business.
  • 24/7 emergency services.
  • We understand that mold can be an overwhelming problem, so we are here to help guide you through the process. 
  • We offer free estimates and consultations.
  • Provide detailed information on the remediation process. So you feel informed every step of the way.
  • We also specialize in preventative measures to make sure that mold does not return once it has been removed.
  • Prompt response and complete estimate.
  • We also specialize in preventative measures to make sure that mold does not return once it has been removed.

Our team will inspect vulnerable areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and attics for signs of moisture or water leaks.

We will work hard to ensure that you are satisfied with the results of our work and that your space is returned to its pre-mold condition.

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Our team will inspect vulnerable areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and attics for signs of moisture or water leaks.

We will also advise how to reduce the potential for future mold growth, giving you peace of mind knowing that your space is safe and healthy.

Advanced Restoration & Company offers unbeatable customer service and top-notch results regarding mold remediation in Pompano Beach, FL.

We also offer mold remediation in the following areas:

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get the help you need! Let our mold remediation Pompano Beach, FL, attend to all your mold issues.



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