Advanced Restoration Services

Advanced Restoration & Company provides restoration services to damaged properties.

Advanced Restoration & Company

Our services include

  • Water mitigation
  • Mold remediation
  • Plumbing/leak detection
  • Emergency service
  • Hurricane services

Visible Water Damage and Mold

Do you see signs of water damage like black grout, water stains on walls or ceilings, foul or musty odors, AC clogs, loose or sagging tiles or mold in your home?

Water damage left unchecked can not only cause a great deal of property damage but it can also pose health risks when left un-repaired. We analyze the current status of the property and locate the source of the water damage. We expose the damaged area in order to dry it out and mitigate the damage.

Advanced Restoration & Company

Mitigation is necessary to protect your home and its structure from further damage.

Advanced Restoration & Company

Protecting and cleaning your home

There are a few steps we take to protect your home and locate and eliminate the source of damage. We encapsulate the area if necessary and mitigate the issue with our state of the art equipment. Then we carefully remove all molds and treat all damaged areas.

Build back

After mitigation and remediation is completed our affiliated building contractor will build back the damaged area to its pre-loss condition or better.

Door style:  create-a-door (verona 3 flat panel)
series:  inset
wood:  birch
color:  white
glaze:  heavy brown     
sheen:  semi gloss

door style:  craftwood 
series:  inset
wood:  cherry
color:  toffee
glaze:  heavy brown	
sheen:  semi gloss
Advanced Restoration & Company

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