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Are you looking for a water damage restoration Pompano Beach FL? If so, you should contact a full-service restoration company.

Water damage can be devastating to any property in Pompano Beach, FL. Whether it’s caused by flooding, hurricanes, or broken pipes, it can cause serious structural damage and mold growth.

That’s why responding immediately when you experience water damage in your home or business is essential.

We’re here to help

The experts at Advanced Restoration & Company are here to help. We provide comprehensive water damage restoration services for properties of any size in Pompano Beach and the surrounding area.

Our team is second to none regarding restoring your property and safeguarding against potential mold. We have the expertise, equipment, and know-how needed to quickly return your space to its original condition!

Expert Water Damage Restoration Pompano Beach FL

We use high-quality products and cutting-edge techniques for our water damage restoration projects.

Our team of expert technicians will use moisture meters and thermal imaging technology to identify the extent of the damage and quickly begin the drying process.

We understand that an unexpected water disaster can be stressful. That’s why we strive to provide the best customer service.

If you’re looking for reliable water damage restoration services in Pompano Beach, FL, look no further than us. Contact us today at (954)-870-4237 for a free estimate.


Quick & Efficient Water Extraction Services for Pompano Beach Residents

We understand the importance of speedy response times when dealing with water damage, and we always strive to be onsite within 60 minutes or less after receiving your call.

Our experienced technicians are equipped with the latest industry-standard equipment to provide reliable and effective water extraction services quickly and safely.

We ensure that all affected areas are thoroughly dried to prevent further damage or mold growth while restoring your property to its pre-loss condition.

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Our water extraction services include:

Water Damage Assessment

Our team will assess the extent of the water damage and develop a customized plan. It is to ensure your property will be restored to its pre-damage state.

Water Removal

Our technicians use powerful pumps and vacuums to remove standing water from your property.

Drying and Dehumidification

We use industrial-grade dehumidifiers to remove moisture from your walls, floors, furniture, and belongings.

This helps reduce the time needed for drying and prevents damage to structural components due to prolonged exposure to water. We’ll dry out your property and reduce humidity to prevent further damage and mold growth.


We use potent disinfectants to thoroughly clean and sanitize all affected areas.

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Structural Drying

Our technicians use professional-grade air movers and dehumidifiers to dry your walls, floors, carpets, and other materials.

Restoration and Repairs

We’ll restore your property to its pre-damage condition, including repairs to flooring, walls, and ceilings. We can restore everything from flood damage to mold damage mitigation and mold damage.

Emergency Damage Repairs

We understand that some projects require immediate attention. That’s why we offer emergency services for urgent situations, including:

  • Emergency Flood Clean Up: Rapidly address flood damage, remove excess water, and restore your property promptly.
  • Emergency Water Removal: Efficiently extract water from affected areas to prevent further harm and expedite the restoration process.
  • Emergency Roof Leak Repair: Swiftly resolve roof leaks, prevent additional damage, and safeguard the integrity of your property.

Our experienced team is ready to respond promptly and provide reliable solutions when time is of the essence.

Fix Collateral Damage Caused by Water

We can also fix all kinds of troubles resulting from water damage like:

  • Malfunctioning Appliances
  • Leaking Ceiling
  • Clogged Drains
  • Water Stains
  • Water Supply Line Leak
  • Leaking Pipes
  • Sewage Backup
  • Hot Water Tank Leak
  • Flooding
  • Dishwasher Leak
  • Storm Damage
  • Burst Pipes
  • Toilet Overflow
  • Leaking Shower/Tub
  • and more

Common Causes of Water Damage

Water damage is a widespread issue that often goes unnoticed since there are many potential culprits beyond the few we typically think of. It’s important to be aware and vigilant to prevent costly repairs or replacements!

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The following are some of the most typical reasons for water damage:

  • Burst or broken pipes
  • Leaky pipes
  • Faulty appliances
  • Roof leaks
  • Appliances in disrepair
  • Clogged sewage lines
  • Flooding-related water
  • Clogged toilets and drains
  • HVAC moisture
  • Gutters or downspouts that need to be cleaned out

These are the common causes that may cause water damage to your home or business.

Why Choose Us For Your Water Damage Repair and Restoration Services

Water damage can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. So, choosing the right company to help you through it is important.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your water damage restoration needs:

Experienced Professionals

Our team of experts has years of experience in the water damage restoration industry. We have the knowledge and skills to handle water damage, from burst pipes to natural disasters.

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Advance Equipment

We use the latest equipment and technology to ensure quick and effective restoration. Our equipment includes high-powered water extraction machines, industrial-strength dehumidifiers, and advanced drying techniques.

24/7 Emergency Services

We understand that water damage can happen anytime. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency service. It is to ensure that we’re there when you need us most. We’ll respond quickly to your call and immediately begin the restoration process.

Customer Satisfaction

Our top priority is customer satisfaction. We take pride in our work and always strive to exceed your expectation.

Licensed and Insured

We can work with your insurance company. Our services are covered by insurance. Being licensed and insured makes us the best water damage restoration company in Pompano Beach.

Comprehensive Solutions

In addition to water damage restoration, we offer services such as mold remediation, sewage cleanup, and fire damage restoration in addition to water damage restoration. We strive to provide an all-inclusive solution for your property’s needs.

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Affordable Rates

We strive to keep our rates competitive and affordable for all our customers. We can work with all major insurance providers. Aside from that, we offer a variety of payment plans (like financing – which is good news, right?) to make the process easier for you.

Contact Us Now – 24/7 Water Damage Restoration Services

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